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fun fact:

Ryan Reynolds is NOT a chimichanga-eating vigilante, an incredibly charming cell phone salesman, or the part-owner of a Welsh soccer club.

The full story:

Okay, maybe one of them is all of those things, but we're not talking about that one. THIS Ryan Reynolds is a seasoned conceptual creative—a second-generation advertising aficionado who thrives on crafting compelling creative that makes the client sit up and say "DAMN!"


I was raised in Fort Worth, Texas, and at the age of 6, fell in love with Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman—both the show and Jane Seymour—and that love affair set my sights on Colorado. 30 years later, I finally made it, and I'm here to stay.

My dad spent nearly my entire childhood working in advertising, mainly at Tracy Locke, taking me to work with him and banning games on the home computer. Instead, he taught me Photoshop and Illustrator, setting me on my creative path before I even lost my baby teeth.

I grew up in the theatre, both on stage and behind the scenes. I've melded these experiences into my work. My performance skills help me stand out in presentations, and my behind-the-scenes experience equips me to master all aspects of production.

Post-graduation, the stage no longer called to me, leaving me unsure of my next steps. Then, I remembered the skills my dad taught me. With a 100% spec portfolio, I bluffed my way into my first design job. Years later, it's clear that ditching The Sims for Creative Suite really changed the game for me. Now, I have a fantastic career doing what I love, working on amazing projects, and I can't wait to work with you.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to call my dad and say "Thank You."

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