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against the grain

Where whimsy meets wellness in a bakery that’s as inviting as a warm pastry fresh from the oven. The color palette—muted pinks, teals, and warm yellows—is designed to evoke the comforting warmth of fresh pastries right from the oven. The standout "I" in Grain, depicted as a grain stalk, symbolizes its gluten-free and dairy-free ethos, promising culinary innovation. Surrounded by hand-drawn icons of reimagined bakery classics, the bakery celebrates the joy of eating well, offering a space where indulgence is redefined and everyone is welcome.

GSES 60th: A Retro Revival

Good Shepherd Episcopal School's 60th Anniversary unfolded within the timeless elegance of the Statler Hotel in Dallas, a beacon of mid-century modern design. The celebration's backdrop, marked by the iconic 57 Chevy Belair that perennially graces the hotel's entrance, set the perfect stage. The design elements crafted for the event—a vibrant reimagining of the school's red and blue hues—embraced this theme. Key to evoking the era were the atomic motifs and starbursts, paired with a curated selection of stunning retro fonts, each piece a tribute to the optimistic spirit of the mid-century. This project was more than a design endeavor; it was an homage to the past, a celebration of six decades of education, community, and timeless style.

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