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Bringing the Boos to the Booze Aisle

The Pernod Ricard team came to us with a surprising insight for their Halloween program: retailers who don't think point of sale pieces are creepy enough are known to take matters into their own hands, adding on party store skeletons and other décor before they hit the floor.

We couldn't let that happen on our watch, and we knew exactly what to deliver.

Round 1 key visual

final key visual

Bring the Boos was a ringer idea from Day 1, giving us an easy avenue for spine-chilling visuals and the added layer of Halloween gifting. We originally brought it in as a "bonus" idea, but it quickly stole the show and helped us push the client ask into something mystical and memorable.

From here, we blew out Bring the Boos with a world of haunting visuals—severed hands and cobwebs to hold the bottles, coffins and skeletal trees to stop shoppers in-store and more. To dial up the creep factor, we even created custom skull bottle-toppers perfect for leaving on the neighbors’ porch.

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And Despite only asking for one premium display initially, the clients were so excited by the options we presented that they chose to move forward with both our haunted house and coffin concepts.

Clients love to ask for work that "scares them," but those ideas rarely live to see the light of day. With a brand team ready to take a leap into the underworld, we were able to deliver something that wowed retailers, resulting in a

222% YoY increase in orders

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